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Prawal Singh - Resettlement Specialist with 12 year(s) experience.
Master of Social Work, University of Delhi


Dr. Ashish Rawat - Forestry (Forest Ecology & Environment) with 7 year(s) experience.
PhD Forestry (Forest Ecology & Environment)


Samruddhi Pathak - Urban & Regional Planner with 2 year(s) experience.
M Plan Urban and Regional Planning


Charles Iyangbe - Private Sector Development Specialist with 12 year(s) experience.
Masters Degree: Agricultural Economics (Policy and Development)<
Bachelor Degree: Agricultural Economics


Mousham Mhaskey - Social Development Specialist with 10 year(s) experience.
Masters in Social Work, Bachelor of Commerce, PGDCA


Ranjith Parvathapuram - Transport Planning with 2 year(s) experience.
MSc Transport Planning and Management, Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning


Rajakumar Ramanathan - Civil/Environmental Engineer with 10 year(s) experience.
Ph.D in Environmental Engineering
M.E in Environmental Engineering
B.E in Civil Engineering
Additional Qualifications:
Diploma in Industrial Safety


Jaffar Sharieff - Transport Planner & Traffic Engineer with 6 year(s) experience.
Mtech - Transportation Engineering and Management,


Suhail Mircha - Resettlement and Rehabilitation with 6 year(s) experience.
BA (Hons) Social Work
MA Social Work


Shakeela Leghari - Social Development Specialist with 10 year(s) experience.
Diploma from ISS, The Hague The Netherlands.

M.A Sociology from University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

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Specialists available

Shivani Bhardawaj

Environment Specialist

B.B. Mohapatra


Vijay Jadon

Water Resource Development Specialist

Anuj Kumar

Environment Specialist

Gul Pacha

Water Resource Management and Integrated Rural Development Specialist

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