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Financial Restructuring Specialist


For power sector utilities, the specialist will required to perform the following tasks: - Review the existing Financial Restructuring plan prepared by the State Electricity Board (SEB), identify areas for improvement and assist the SEB for the revision. - Asses new entities’ need for suitable modern customer and financial management systems including but not be limited to customer billing, cash management, general ledger and financial reporting, payroll, human resources, asset record, procurement and inventory control, cost accounting, budgeting, and variance reporting. - Given that the new companies established simultaneously, the consultant will review the benefits of delivering a consistent and uniform FMIS solution for all new companies in accordance with national legal, accounting, auditing, and general best practices for meeting financial management information needs. The consultant will also ensure that new FMISs are compatible with new bulk power metering and billing systems. - Prepare draft requirement system definitions for all new companies, after reviewing and summarizing the relevant demands to be met by the FMISs. - Based on the review of requirements, propose general hardware and software specifications for the FMIS solutions. - Review options for procurement of the FMIS for each type of new company taking into account the FMIS systems already available to current government owned utilities; the availability, costs and benefits of off-the-shelf software; and specific software development needs. Analyze different approaches and recommend the system for procurement (off-the-shelf with minor customization preferred), including the possibility of different packages depending on the degree of customization and specialization required for each type of utility. - Asses the bulk power company has an efficient billing system and a good treasury management system including efficient treasury function. Provide overall technical and operational recommendations for the establishment of a bulk power trading system, which should also include a detailed transaction mechanism and setting up of efficient treasury function; if necessary. - Review bulk power billing systems.

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