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Power System Loss Reduction Specialist


Required a senior professional with about 10-12 years experience to perform the following tasks: - Review distribution system loss profile in India, comparing total energy purchased by the distribution business with billed energy sales. Identify the level of losses, and investigate the possibility of accurately allocating it on a geographic basis (by town/village, high voltage feeder or transformer). - Assess the split of losses over the voltage levels and identify possible (and where practical, the probable) root cause of losses at each voltage level, separating technical from non-technical losses. - From the above prepare summary chart of losses by voltage level and actual/likely causes. - Identify EE measures that can be integrated with distribution companies' aggregate technical and commercial (AT&C) loss reduction program. - Review loss reduction measures and programs that have already been implemented and identify how effective they have been; where they need to be made more effective or withdrawn and alternative approaches considered. - Investigate alternative system configurations to improve the technical loss profiles. - Recommend a long term strategy for addressing losses with annual targets that are feasible and that the distribution businesses can be expected to commit to delivering. - Assess if existing metering arrangements are designed and used to support commercial electricity trading, for which accurate measurement of power and energy flows is critical. - Investigate the transmission network configuration (including generation supply and proposed distribution off take points) and appraise the adequacy of the existing meters and communication system. - Determine the parameters required for the metering system, investigate other comparable systems, and make recommendations on the basis of proven technology and best practices. - Review options for procuring the systems and hardware, and evaluate any suitable packaged solutions.

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