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Power Economist


Required a senior professional with about 10-12 years experience in analyzing the policy environment in power sector. The specialist will be required to perform the following tasks: - Assess the short-term (three-year) and long-term (system planning period) demand forecasts for consumer categories in the project area. Provide detailed analysis of the assumptions and methodology used in the demand forecast. - Review the proposed investment project design and ensure that economic analyses are conducted in accordance with ADB’s Key Areas of Economic Analysis of Projects: An Overview (November 2003), as well as ADB’s Economic Analysis Retrospective 2003 Update (June 2004). - Provide quantitative and qualitative benefits for the proposed investment project. - Carry out an economic analysis of (a) power demand, (b) least-cost and equalizing discount rate, (c) economic viability, and (d) risk analysis. The analysis should be in accordance with ADB’s Guidelines for the Economic Analysis of Projects and Handbook for Integrating Risk Analysis in the Economic Analysis of Projects. Discuss alternative methodologies for carrying out the economic analysis and justify the method(s) chosen. - Provide a table detailing the conversion of economic cost from the financial cost of the Project and the specific conversion factors used. Incorporate an economic quantification of environmental impact due to the Project in accordance with ADB’s Guidelines on the Economic Analysis of Projects (1997) and Workbook on Economic Evaluation of Environmental Impacts (1996). - Lead the analysis of tariff issues and examine cost recovery, economic, and social issues.

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