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Power System Planning and Engineering Specialist


Required senior power engineer for an ADB TA project in India for performing the following tasks: - Review the least-cost generation expansion planning at the State and regional power grid up to 2020. Verify that the proposed investments are consistent with the least-cost plan and that all alternatives have been fully assessed to provide economic and technical justification for the selection of a specific project. - Evaluate the proposed project design, and ensure that lessons learned in previous projects are incorporated, particularly with respect to availability of appropriate baseline information, and necessary risk mitigation measures. Suggest measures to reduce construction time and costs while maintaining physical integrity. - Recommend pro-poor or other components that could improve sustainability in local communities in the project area. - Prepare project cost estimates, including unit costs and estimates of quantities for project components, identification of local and foreign cost components, and physical and price contingencies. Define contract packages and recommend improvements to those proposed by the implementing agencies. - Confirm financing requirements of the project, identify options for co-financing, and evaluate the possibility of future private sector participation subprojects. - Prepare Gantt charts for the implementation schedule for each component, including key procurement milestones. Review technical specifications and bid documents, and propose revisions to comply with ADB procurement procedures. - Assess the project's technical risks and its viability through sensitivity analysis.

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