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The requirement is for an ADB TA Project related with Agricultural Development in Afghanistan for 3 person months. The consultantís tasks are to: (i) assess the banking policy, the public and private banking system, and the operations of other financial system participants, including NGOs and the informal lending sector; (ii) identify and evaluate the various equity and credit funds established by the Government, aid agencies, and others to determine the reasons for nonuse by agribusiness enterprises and entrepreneurs; and recommend measures to increase their use; (iii) recommend measures for improving ease of access and fund availability for agribusinesses; (iv) determine the need for a credit or agribusiness finance development component in the Project, and estimate the credit demand and supply, implementation arrangements for a credit or agribusiness finance development component, criteria for selecting subborrowers and subprojects, and terms and conditions of credit or financial services; and (v) determine the capacity building required in the financial sector to facilitate agribusiness development and formulate required training activities.

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