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Suhail Mircha CV, Resettlement and Rehabilitation from India


Suhail Mircha CV, Resettlement and Rehabilitation from India


Suhail Mircha CV, Resettlement and Rehabilitation from India

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Suhail Mircha CV, Resettlement and Rehabilitation from India

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Suhail Mircha CV, Resettlement and Rehabilitation from India


Mr. Suhail Mircha

Date of Birth:



Resettlement and Rehabilitation

Education & Training:

BA (Hons) Social Work
MA Social Work

 Training on Safeguard Procedures of ADB organized by Ministry of Finance, Government of India and Asian Development Bank in Bengaluru. (Feb 2011)
 Training on Social and Environmental Procedure by Asian Development Bank and Ministry of Finance, Government of India, Kolkatta (2009)
 Training on Social and Environmental Procedure by Asian Development Bank and Ministry of Finance, Government of India, Delhi (2009)
 Workshop on Reproductive and Child Health for Students of Social work to train the as Masters Trainers organized by Pathfinder International in collaboration with Department of Social Work , Jamia Millia Islamia.(2005)
 Training Programme for Young Professionals of CAPART (Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India) organized by Institute of Applied Manpower Research (IAMR) New Delhi. (2005)
 Training on Community based Disaster Preparedness, organised by SEEDS India Delhi(2007)
 Gender Sensitisation programme conducted by Sarojini Naidu Centre for Women’s Studies.(2003)

Year(s) of Experience:


Experience in Country(ies):


Text of Complete CV:

From Nov 2007 -Till Date

J&K ERA ( Asian Development Bank Funded Project)

ADB Loan 2151- IND & Loan 2331- IND

Currently working as Social and Resettlement Expert in J&K ERA (A Special Purposes Vehicle (SPV) of Govt of J&K.). The J&K ERA has been created to handle all the externally aided funds received by the State of Jammu and Kashmir. The major job responsibility is to ensure the implementation of the Social Safeguards measures in all the projects under execution.

Key responsibilities entails
• Preparation the Due Diligence Report (DDR)/ Summary Appraisal Report (SAR).
• Preparation of the Resettlement Plans
• Ensuring compliance with loan covenants;
•Organizing the training and capacity building program on resettlement management for the NGO/agency and other PMU staff on issues concerning - principles and procedures of land acquisition, public consultation and participation; entitlements and compensation disbursement mechanisms; Grievance Redressal and monitoring of resettlement operation.
• Undertake internal monitoring of resettlement implementation and prepare quarterly progress reports for submission to ADB and GoJK.
• Oversee coordination with district administration and ERA for land acquisition and R&R and address problems or delays if any,
• Monitor physical and financial progress on land acquisition and R&R activities;

As a part of ERA, the relevant experiences are below:

 Handling of Social and Resettlement aspects of ADB Loans (Multi-sector Project for Infrastructure Rehabilitation in Jammu and Kashmir ) Loan 2151- IND and (Jammu and Kashmir Urban Sector Development Investment Programme) - 2331-IND.
 Coordinating with ADB’s Safeguards Officer for compliance with their requirements.
 Prepared of the Summary Appraisal Reports (SAR) for submission to ADB for approval o the projects.
Prepared the Full Resettlement Plan for Proposed Expressway Corridor from Jehangir Chowk to Natipora- One the country biggest project in terms of resettlement funded by the ADB.
Prepared and implementing of 50 Short Resettlement Plans for the project under Loan 2151.
 Prepared the Land Acquistion Plans with support from the concerned Revenue Officails.
Development of Comprehensive System for preparation of the Short Resettlement Plan.
Implementation of labour laws which includes conducting awareness among the contractors and laborers about HIV/AIDS and other safety measures at worksites.
Training of the Engineers and PIU on Social Safeguard Issues.
Preparation of the Internal Monitoring Reports for two loans for submission to ADB.
Review the resettlement requirements related to land acquisition for the components of the project.

Freelance Assignments :
Facilitated the Training on importance of unity and importance of Rule and Regulation in functioning of People Organization to the SHGs of IGSSS Kashmir
Developing the Concept Plan for Organizational Scan of the Partners organization of VIVA Kashmir.

From May 2006- Oct 2007

Worked as Asst. Program Officer (Trainings) in Association for Stimulating Know-How (ASK), New Delhi which is a national-level NGO in India working as capacity building organization with various National and International NGOs, implementing agencies and Donor agencies since 1992.

Key responsibilities entail conducting trainings on the issues of Organizational Development, Project Management, Training of Trainers, Participatory approaches, Gender and HIV/AIDS and other development issues in various parts of India.

As part of ASK, the relevant experiences are detailed below:

Relevant Resettlement Experiences:

Organized the Public Disclosure of the Resettlement Plan at Jammu And Srinagar.
Conducted the survey for NH 1 PP Project for the road form Amritsar to Phathankot.
Conduct the study on social impact of the roads loaned by the ABD in Khadwa, Indore Betul Districts of Madhya Pradesh.

Relevant Training Experiences:

Facilitating the training on Result Based Management for helping organization in Project formulation, Monitoring to help to develop the monitoring system as well reporting with focus on the result. Facilitate about more 30 organisations various states of country.
Facilitated the Training on Communication Skills using Life Skills Education Approach in order to strength the Child Federation Management Body to raise the issues at District level with various key players.
Facilitated the Media Consultation in order to sensitize Media on the child labour issues , so that media ( Print as well as electronic) should start taking up and giving prominence to child related Issues in Moradabad.
Facilitated a series of Training of Trainers (ToTs) in order to build up a team of trainers for various organization all across india.
Facilitated the formation of the Network of NGOs for taking up the issue of Child rights and labour at Moradabad district Level so that advocacy could be done with government.
Facilitated the conducting of assessment and developmet Human Resources Development System in various NGOs
Facilitated the Developing of Strategic Planning as well as monitoring system for the Implementation of the Animation programme in States of Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh.
Facilitated a series of Training of Trainers (ToTs) in order to build up a team of trainers for various organization
Facilitated the Training on Micro planning in Jharkahand for the field level workers of various partner organizations of Netherlands based Funding organization- CORDAID.
Facilitated training on Micro Enterprise Development for the staff working with self help groups.

From August 2005 –May 2006

Worked as a Project Officer (Training) Modicare Foundation New Delhi in Ambassadors of Change Programme. Social Corporate Responsibility Unit of K.K Modi Group of Industries involved in building awareness on among the students from schools and colleges, out of school children from various slum of Delhi, corporate houses and workers on the Issues of HIV/ AIDS , Sexuality and Life Skills Education.

Job Profile:
Involved in developing module, conducting training session for Students, Community peer educators, teachers and managerial Staff and Workers of Corporate organisations. Conducted Training of Training for Delhi Govt. teachers under YUVA Programme and for Delhi Public School Society at Srinagar and Gurgoan.

The trainings conducted were on issues related to Growing up, HIV/AIDS, Sexuality & Life Skills. Developed training Modules for various target groups. Contributed to the development of YUVA Module (Delhi Govt.).
Participation in Academic Exchange Program at Fachhochschule Erfurt, Germany to understand Social work Education and practice.(2004)



Suhail Mircha CV, Resettlement and Rehabilitation from India
Suhail Mircha CV, Resettlement and Rehabilitation from India



Suhail Mircha CV, Resettlement and Rehabilitation from India

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