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Shakeela Leghari CV, Social Development Specialist from Pakistan


Shakeela Leghari CV, Social Development Specialist from Pakistan


Shakeela Leghari CV, Social Development Specialist from Pakistan

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Shakeela Leghari CV, Social Development Specialist from Pakistan

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Shakeela Leghari CV, Social Development Specialist from Pakistan


Ms. Shakeela Leghari

Date of Birth:



Social Development Specialist

Education & Training:

Diploma from ISS, The Hague The Netherlands.

M.A Sociology from University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

• 5 days training on “Gender, Water and Equity” from 14 to 18th June 2010 at Kathmandu Nepal, Organized by SaciWaters.
• 3 days training on ‘Gender and Politics’ from 27th July to 29th of July 2007 at Bangkok , Thailand, organized by Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development.
• 3 days TOT on ‘Organizational Management and Financial Management’ from 21 to 23 September 2006 at ZSABIST Karachi.
• One day specialized training on ‘FO accounting and Financial Management’ on 6th September 2005 at Indus Hotel Hyderabad.
• 2 days training of Trainers on ‘Women and Water’ from 9th to 10th August 2005 at City Gate Hotel Hyderabad.
• 2 days training workshop on ‘Women Sensitization’ on 8-9 November 2003 at Indus Hotel Hyderabad by OXFAM GB.
• One day international Seminar on ‘Integrated Water Resource Management’ by Global Water Partnership on 28th December 2005 at Best Western Hotel Islamabad.
• 2 days training workshop on ‘Women in Management’ from 31st March to 1st April at Karachi by NGORC.
• 2 days training on ‘effective Communication Skills’ on 11-12 July 2003 at Indus Hotel Hyderabad.
• 2 days National Workshop on ‘Gender Sensitization’ from 3rd to 4th September 2003 at Institute of Sindhiology organized by University of Sindh.
• 2 days training workshop on ‘Gender Sensitization’ from 8-9 November 2003 at Indus hotel by World Wide Fund Pakistan.
• One day training on ‘Journalism for sustainable Development tools and techniques’ on 17 October by WWF.
• Four days training on ‘Human Rights, LHRLA at Indus hotel from 4 to 8 December 2002.

Year(s) of Experience:


Experience in Country(ies):


Text of Complete CV:

Ms. Shakeela Leghari is a development professional and Gender expert with wide range of experience in social development, socio-economic/community impact assessment, resettlement management, gender mainstreaming. With more than 07 years of experience Ms. Leghari has gained deep understanding of educational, social, cultural, political, and environmental issues of province, Sindh, Pakistan Currently she is associated with Sindh Irrigation & Drainage Authority (SIDA) as Sociologist. SIDA is an executing agency, engaged in institutional reforms in Irrigation & Drainage Sector in Sindh.

At SIDA she provides post transfer management Support to Farmer Organisations, social and environmental inputs for community infrastructures and O&M of water bodies. She also coordinates and supervises implementation of social and environmental impact assessments, management and monitoring plans (ESIA/ESMMP), resettlement action plans (RAP), public consultation and disclosure plans (PCDP) and community participation plans.

Ms. Shakeela has also worked with Sindh Agricultural and Forestry Workers Coordinating Organization (SAFWCO), Hagller Bailly (pvt) Limited, Green Star (social marketing) and Sindh Development Society (SDS) on their various development projects in rural Sindh.

She has organized several trainings and trained community based organizations particularly women. She has undertaken field surveys on development issues and written research reports especially training modules on ‘Gender Mainstreaming in Irrigation Reforms” and “Environmental Management Plan” SIDA.

Ms. Leghari has also successfully participated and acquired post graduate diploma on ‘Universalizing Socio-Economic Security for the Poor, at Institute of Social Studies, the Hague the Netherlands, funded by The Netherlands Government.



Shakeela Leghari CV, Social Development Specialist from Pakistan
Shakeela Leghari CV, Social Development Specialist from Pakistan



Shakeela Leghari CV, Social Development Specialist from Pakistan

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